With so many arm chair types, where does one begin? There are enough arm chair types available that there is literally an arm chair out there for everyone and for every living room. What kind of arm chair is best for you? Read on, and after learning about the different arm chair types, you can decide for yourself!

A recliner is a classic and comfortable arm chair that is always among the most popular arm chair types. Recliners combine a modern look with an adjustable experience that provides the ultimate in comfort. The days of recliners being strictly low-brow seating are gone, as now you can find recliners for any home or living room, whether you’re looking for something comfy and casual or modern and high class.

Traditional arm chairs are known for their classic appeal and surprising comfort level. Often, these arm chair types are upholstered for added comfort while retaining a minimal and convenient design. A fauteuil is a great example of a traditional arm chair, with its large amount of exposed wood and strategically placed cushions for added support.

When you’re thinking of arm chair types, you may not immediately think of rocking chairs, but they do fit the designation. Rocking chairs are an enduring favorite because of the rocking motion they provide, along with all the class of a traditionally styled arm chair. Rocking chairs are also one of the most popular arm chair types for new parents, as parents can relax while their infant does the same with a reassuring and comforting rocking motion.

Folding chairs come in a variety of styles but share a couple of things in common: they are generally among the most affordable and convenient arm chair types. Folding chair types include director’s chairs and deck chairs, and are foldable and often stackable to provide maximum convenience when traveling. When one thinks of folding chairs, the first thing that comes to mind is their versatility and ease of transportation. It’s hard to imagine fishing trips or Fourth of July fireworks without folding chairs!

Love seats and couches are like the cousins of arm chairs, as they provide the arms at the ends of the seat, along with seating area for multiple people. While often not thought of when thinking of arm chair types, they do fit the bill and are a great alternative when you need more seating space.

Adirondack chairs are also long-time favorites when it comes to arm chair types. While once not known much for their comfort level, today’s Adirondack chairs feature contoured seats and rounded backs for a more pleasant and relaxing sitting experience. Their flat arm rests are convenient as they generally provide the space and stability to set items on, if needed. They can also be customized with optional cushions for added comfort and appeal.

These are just some of the many arm chair types available today. No matter which of these or the other arm chair types you purchase, you’re bound to appreciate the look, comfort, value and versatility of an arm chair.