Change a plain dull bedroom into a secluded haven with a makeover inspired by India, the land of the Kama Sutra, for a very special Valentine’s Day.

An exotic Indian-styled bedroom décor is the perfect setting for a romantic evening, especially on Valentine’s Day. It can be achieved quickly and easily with these creative tips.

Right colour palette

A temporary change in the colours of a room can be attained by using soft furnishings such as throw cushions and bed covers. An Indian bedroom needs bright pinks, maroons and vibrant oranges with lots of golden highlights for a sumptuous look. Floral designs with lotus, mangos, peacocks and other Indian symbols help the theme.

The monotony of pastel coloured walls can be broken by pasting a horizontal band of colourful wrapping paper at eye level. The paper can have Indian motifs or it could be in a plain colour which is then jazzed up with sequins and glitter.

Since this is a one-day, special occasion makeover it needs boldness for the right impact. The room should be a feast for the eyes and senses, a secluded paradise that is a world away from the everyday.

Maharaja Bed

A Maharaja-style four poster bed can be created by securing four poles to the legs of a bed. They must be concealed with some golden paper and tied together at the top. A canopy formed by draping thin sari material over the posts will seclude the bed to form a private retreat. Saris are the long wrap-around that Indian women wear and can be ordered online in various colours, prints, and materials.

A bedspread in dark maroon or black can be brightened by adding colourful silk cushions and bolsters with gold trim for the true Indian feel.

Cozy Ambiance

The mood in an Indian themed room needs to be bold and opulent. A bedroom that is light and airy can be made warm and cozy by changing the drapes. Heavy curtains preferably in a silky material may be used. For a quick and cheaper option white bed sheets can be concealed with layers of bright printed saris and garlands of flowers.

Lights also help shift the mood. Romantic lighting needs to be soft and enticing. Small earthen diyas (Indian lamps) or bowls of floating candles are ideal. Harsh light fixtures should be wrapped in some handmade paper for a dimmer effect, also creating interesting shadows.

Chairs should be moved out to make space on the floor for a few throw cushions with a lantern placed beside them for the harem look.

Right Accents

The room should be filled with flowers. But tidily arranged bouquets onbedside side tables have to be avoided. Garlands of rose and marigold hung over the bed canopy and the windows or used to tie the curtains, and rose petals on the bed are more appropriate. The flowers should be in the same colour palette so that they don’t clash with the other decoration. Flowers will fill the room with a heady fragrance ideal for a romantic setting.

Mirrors, sandalwood and bronze trinkets such as jewellery boxes, carved elephants or deer are the perfect accessories for the Indian décor. A colourful jute rug on the floor could help hide a dull carpet.

An Indian-themed room conjures up exotic fantasies of Rajahs and princesses far away in a land of peacocks and lotuses. It can be an ideal haven to spice up the romance this Valentine’s Day.