Kid-Friendly Bathrooms: Decorate Your Bathroom to Fit Your Children’s Needs

Discover tips and tricks on how to decorate a bathroom for children that’s both fun and functional.

Decorating a bathroom for kids can be just as fun as decorating a child’s bedroom, but there are some special considerations in a bathroom with safety leading the pack. But the first consideration is who will be using the bathroom. If the room is specifically for children you can have a little more fun and decorate it with a real sense of juvenile exuberance.

Safety First in Bathroom Decorating

Keep everything you have learned about child safety in mind when you begin redecorating a bathroom. You want them to have access to the sink and soap but not to dangerous chemicals so make sure you have childproof locks on any cupboards and drawers that contain possibly dangerous materials. Get a toilet clamp if your children are not yet potty trained. Remember to add no-slip surfaces to the bottom of the tub and put securely adhered mats on slippery floors. Also stay on the light side with accessories as these can sometimes be dangerous too.

Skip Expensive Bathroom Remodels

Yes, even scaled down toilets are pretty cute, and they’re functional but they’re not really practical because before you get the value out of an expensive child-sized bathroom remodel your little ones will have outgrown the room. Stick to redecorating and you’ll have a room that your children will quickly grow into and you can use the money you saved for future redecorating.

Make Bathroom Remodelling Fun But Not Busy

Bathrooms are typically small spaces so it’s easy for things to quickly become overwhelming and way too busy. Sure the store sells every accessory imaginable in your pattern, color or character but you really don’t need to have everything. Try using complementary bold colors to draw attention to a few selected themed items.

Shower Curtain Storage

Great idea – create your own shower curtain by purchasing two inexpensive clear vinyl curtains. Cut one into squares and glue those squares onto the other curtain to create pockets, remember not to glue the tops shut. Then store your kid’s bath toys in the pockets for easy access and easy cleanup.

Stay Current with Bathroom Decor

Like a child’s bedroom, trying to be timeless is just pointless. Instead, go wild and be trendy. Think of your child’s bathroom as a temporary decorating project, it’s a small area and easy to decorate and redecorate so have fun and then redecorate it again in a few years. If your child is old enough, let them pick the theme and colors for their bathroom, and if possible, let them help you decorate.

When decorating a kid’s bathroom remember to keep it safe, limit the number of accessories so it doesn’t become too busy, and let your child’s tastes guide your bathroom decorating scheme.… Read the rest

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Ergonomic office chairs are the best investment that you can make if you spend a long time sitting and want to try to maintain perfect health. Some of them are loaded with the features that are necessary to experience the comforts of life that are only offered by top quality cushions and the leather coverings.



If one is searching for the best office chairs at the lowest prices, then you will need to consider certain criteria.

  • Simple design- this is the first point. A simple piece that comes with numerous discreet adjustments and features will always look elegant. They are simple and sophisticated yet are the best option for comfort and sturdiness.
  • Ergonomic support- there must be satisfactory adjustment ability and suspension with some added cushions to make them comfortable as well as supportive in the lower back area. It is always better to go for the size of chair that suits your specific build. Some chairs are only appropriate for smaller people, whereas others are great for taller or heavier users.
  • Workspace- this is yet another important consideration, the chair/s should match the style of the other furniture in the workspace. Leather chairs tend to look better in offices that have natural wooden furniture. Mesh chairs also look good aesthetically in modern offices.

No matter how low your budget is, all of these criteria are basic considerations when choosing office chairs.



An office chair can still be fashionable when bought within the lower price ranges. There are a number of chairs that compete for the title of the “best office chairs under 200”.


Bestseller of 2018:

Amazon basics Mid Black ChairThe “Amazon basics Mid Black Chair” is a great chair that is designed with a sturdy nylon base, the ergonomic chair is mesh black and is loaded with some of the unique features. The price is also amazing for the quality that you receive.


  • This chair has seats that are breathable, both through the mesh backrest and the seat.
  • It’s lightweight, and also has great flexibility of support, helping to eliminate potential health problems.
  • The base and stem regions are made up of nylon rather than plastic to increase the comfort.
  • The tilting options allow the user to adjust the chair to find the best seating and leaning position for each individual.
  • Unfortunately, the warranty is only 1 year.


When quality matters:

If someone is looking for a chair where quality matters, the right choice could be the “Serta executive”.


  • This is a well-padded chair with good microfiber material and additional ergonomic features.
  • The supportive back region is far superior to many other ergonomic chairs.
  • The microfiber is very soft and the cleaning process for the chair is extremely easy when compared to other chairs that are made of leather.
  • The padded armrests are extremely comfortable.
  • There is a removable cushion on the main seating area to increase comfort even further for the user.
  • The chair’s design has waterfall edges that increase the circulation of the blood and optimize the load of the body to remove pressure from the body’s pressure points.
  • There is a high back region to increase neck support.
  • The warranty period is also 1 year.


The complexities that come with choosing the best office chairs under 200 aren’t that complicated when compared to many others. So, find the best one for your office and make it a wonderful and stress free workspace.… Read the rest

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