An armchair as the name would suggest is simply a chair normally with a straight back that has arms attached to either side on which those sitting in the chair can rest their own arms. The choices for armchairs are numerous when it comes to the type, style, color and comfort. You are able to buy a Victorian armchair, Vintage armchair, modern armchair and even a plastic inflatable armchair. There is also a range of orthopedic, elderly and children armchairs available. All-in-all the armchair is one of the most diverse of all living and sitting room furniture. You can buy an armchair as a set with a settee or you can buy them as added furniture. Some come with footrests which are hidden and come out at the flick of a switch and some will rise up by way of a motor to allow you to get out of the armchair easier.

Armchairs come in all different types of fabrics, patterns and colors so choosing one to fit in with your particular d├ęcor are easy. If you cannot find an armchair to match with your existing furniture then you are able to get customized covers for the majority of armchairs. If you don’t want to pay out for the expense of a custom covering, then you can get a matching plain color chair and change the look of it with cushions.

While the majority of armchairs will be constructed solidly and remain in place there is also the portable of foldable armchair. These are usually offered for sale as folding armchairs or folding deck armchairs, you can also get a folding rocking armchair. These are chairs that fold but also have the comfort of arms and are usually a canvas base material for the seat and back. They are excellent for use outdoors and for extra chairs around the home when you have unexpected guests or are having a children’s party. They are relatively cheap to buy depending on where you purchase it and can be tucked away in the minimum of space when not in use.

For the ultimate in relaxation the armchair can include shiatsu massage, this looks like any normal armchair with the addition of having a motor and massage unit in that will give you a through massage. Chairs such as this are the ultimate when it comes to kicking back and relaxing, a footstool will normally click up into place for you feet and the back of the chair will recline. You simply lie back in chair and let the massage system soothe away any aches and pains of the day.

If you have trouble getting up out of a normal armchair, then go for one that has a mechanism that allows the char to rise when you rise. This type of armchair will allow you to get out of it and back in with the minimum of effort on your part. It comes with a remote control unit which allows you to use the chair without having to reach for buttons and will normally recline back and have a footrest.